Friday, August 05, 2011

Marble Nail Art

This being my first ever blog post, I thought it would be about some beauty product or technique I've tried within this past week; so today I'll be sharing my experience with marble nail art. It began while watching MissJenFABULOUS Youtube channel where I came across one of her nail marbling tutorials. Nail marbling is transferring nail polish that you've created "marbled" designs with in the water, onto your nail and giving it a very modern, edgy look.

Now given that MissJen is an absolute expert at anything related to nails, I thought I'd try following one of the tutorials. Her technique is really detailed and helps you get decent results the first time you try it. Now, I was quite excited to say the least, about "marbling" my nails, so I didn't use the perfect water temperature the first time, thereby resulting in fairly average designs. Although, after watching another video and practicing a few times, I was really pleased with the results and even tried it out on my sister and mom.
So just a quick summary of the entire process:
You start off with a little container filled with room temperature filtered water (that's really important!) and paint your nails with a very neutral color. I chose a French Pink nail polish that had originally come in a box set, but wasn't anything particularly special. Also, by using a neutral/nude color as the base coat, it allows all the attention to be on the colors you pick to be in the actual marbling design without competing with the base coat. Then once your nails are dry, you take three pieces of scotch tape and put them around the nail bed so as to prevent the skin from being stained and it speeds up the clean up process afterwards. Once you've finished with that step, pick the colors you want for the design, I chose Sephora's Opening Night and Joe's White as alternating shades; beginning first with a drop of blue into the water, once it had spread to the edges of the container, I added a drop of the white polish. I repeated these steps until I had about 10 or more rings of polish in the water, after which I used a toothpick to "drag" the polish around, thereby forming a design (I actually forgot to take pictures while creating the design, but I've added a few images from earlier when I alternated between black and red). Once you have the perfect design, you just stick your nail in, either straight down towards the bottom of the container or while the entire nail surface is submerged at the same time, getting a better transfer of the design. Then using a q-tip to clean up the rest of the polish left on the surface, I removed my hand from the water and let it air-dry. Finally, after removing the tape and cleaning a bit around the cuticles, you should be left with beautiful marbled nails!

Here's the most recent marbling design that I came up with - hope you like it!

Thanks so much for reading!

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