Saturday, September 03, 2011

Collective Haul

Since I bought a few beauty products this past week, I thought it would be fun to share my collective haul. They were mostly drugstore items, but hopefully I'll be able to swing by the M.A.C. store at Square One this weekend and maybe, *fingers crossed* pick up a few items from the MAC Me Over collection. So, here are some of my beauty purchases since last Friday:

1) Essie's Merino Cool - I've been dying to try out this nail polish brand and since it was on sale for 8.99 from 11.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart the week before last, I picked up this really beautiful, taupey-purplish shade (it's the shade I was hoping M.A.C.'s Shale eyeshadow would be, but I'll discuss that in depth in another post). When I tried it out the first time, the formula was a dream to apply - it took only 2 coats to get a nice opaque color and it dried down pretty fast without any smudging. The two things I disliked about the Essie polish was the fact that firstly, the bottles were quite small - even though they looked really cute, it was somewhat strange to hold such a tiny cap and brush, compared to OPI polishes. Also, the bottle doesn't come with the plastic seal so someone could have tried out the polish already.

2) Infusium 23 Moisture Replenisher leave-in treatment - It claims to recover "hair's lost moisture" making it "soft, silky and deeply replenished." Being quite eager to try it out since my hair has been extremely dry (nearly straw-like, especially at the ends) I sprayed it all over my clean, dry hair and combed through as per the instructions; it didn't restore all the moisture back to my hair immediately, but I'm going to try it on wet hair the next time and post a review once I get a chance to use it more often.

3) Nivea Soft cream - This cream can be used for facial, hand or body moisturising. After trying it out on my hands, it makes them feel silky soft and the scent is divine - it reminds me of my childhood.

4) JOE's Lagoon - I picked this up hoping it would be similar to OPI's limited edition Mermaid's Tears shade but it is much brighter, has a bluer undertone and a slight pearl to it - still very pretty though. 

Those were all of my beauty purchases this past week and I hope you've enjoyed reading!

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