Thursday, September 01, 2011

M.A.C Pinch Me Sheertone Blush

About a month ago, I wanted to pick up a blush from M.A.C.'s permanent collection. After spending a good 15 minutes swatching blushes over every available square inch on my arm, I asked the MUA what her recommendation would be for my skintone, I chose Pinch Me as she said it would be quite a dramatic color and more suitable for an evening look.

Once I got home, I swatched it again in natural daylight but the lack of pigmentation was very disappointing and that's when I realized this particular shade was a Sheertone blush. At the end, I decided against returning it and I'm so glad I did so because over the past few weeks, I've fallen in love with this shade. It's now my holy grail blush, particularly on days when I'm not wearing any other makeup as it gives my cheeks a beautiful pink glow and really complements my complexion; also I especially love this shade because it's not  shimmery (I prefer either completely matte blushes or those that add a slight sheen to the cheeks) and it has quite a warm undertone. Obviously the blush still lacks pigmentation compared to M.A.C.'s satin or matte blushes, but my application trick is to pat on the blush quite heavily, with the side of a flat blush brush all along my cheekbones and although the color fades, it still leaves my cheeks with that subtle pink glow even at the end of the day. I have yet to try it over a cream blush to ensure that the color lasts all day without fading, so maybe that'll be my next makeup purchase. Here are some swatches below:

This is the blush swiped three times across the pan.

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