Thursday, December 08, 2011

(Belated) Wednesday Wishes

Hey everyone,
I was a day late in posting my wishes post for this week but since I'm trying to be more diligent about posting, I thought I'd do it anyways. So what's made my wishlist this week? Keep reading to find out....

1) Urban Decay Naked 2 palette - Now I think every single person who enjoys makeup and especially neutral eyeshadow palettes has this particular item on their holiday or birthday wishlist! Urban Decay announced last Thursday the release of its much anticipated sequel to the original Naked palette - Naked 2. Compared to the original, it's described to have more "taupe + greige" neutral shades with the addition of 5 exclusive new shades (not sure if these will be released as individual eyeshadows as well) and instead of a double-ended eyeliner, this palette contains a double-ended eyeshadow brush and a mini-sized Lip Junkie lipgloss in Naked. The fact that this palette has a matte black and a beautiful mushroom-like shade (Tease) and not a lot of golds and extremely warm browns is right up my alley and now I just gotta start saving up.

I'm really excited to buy Naked 2 when it releases in Sephora in January 2012 which brings me to an important point: Urban Decay's decision to release only 5000 palettes and exclusively to US customers was unbelievably irritating. Since I'm in a difficult financial situation right now, I can't really afford to spend impulsively on makeup products and moreover, I never buy online especially if there isn't free shipping and if I haven't seen the product in person, but the fact that I was willing to purchase the Naked 2 palette on the release date says a lot. Unfortunately, Urban Decay seriously disappointed with regards to its customer service on this occasion. The company not only fails to provide international shipping despite their knowledge of global fans who would be waiting to purchase the palette like myself, but are somewhat laid back about it. Here's a twitter exchange between myself and Urban Decay:


maybe you should consider starting international've got global fans who'd like to try out your products

Urban Decay

we are definitely working on it. Unfortunately there are a lot of steps that must take place first, we won't bore you w/ details.

Besides the lack of appreciation for international fans, the fact that they limited their initial supply to 5000 pieces (and some individuals bought multiple palettes at once) isn't really fair to customers. There were rumors swirling about the release of the Naked 2 palette and the company knowing that, failed to prepare for the demand. Anyways that was my little rant and even though I am waiting to buy the Naked2 palette, I'm not particularly impressed with Urban Decay's customer service.

2) Victoria Secret's Brilliant Shimmer Shadow in Stardust - Recently I've been obsessing over the makeup of the VS Angels and I found out that in the 2011-2012 Fashion Show, Stardust had been used as a highlighter on the cheeks as well as to highlight the inner corner of the eyes. I've never used a loose pigment before so in the even that I do pick this up, it should be quite interesting to work with.
3) Victoria Secret's High Definition Mascara - The wand is shaped so perfectly, I'm naming this my most coveted item on this week's wishlist. The bristles are placed quite close to each other which I'm hoping will translate into black, defined lashes. I do prefer defining mascaras to those that claim to be volumizing but end up making my lashes look like spider legs, so I'm hoping to pick this up very soon.

4) Bronzer - Now I've never tried bronzer before and have absolutely no clue how to wear it but once again returning to my recent obsession with the VS Angels, I really do want that bronzy glow. Despite me watching countless hours of Youtube tutorials how to bronze your skin perfectly, I don't see the sense in carving a 3 and an E shape on either side of your face in the hopes of mimicking  natural facial tanning patterns (shouldn't that be done with a contour color to create depth to your face?). Whenever I do tan, I don't particularly remember, only my temples, jawbone and the hollows of my cheeks getting darker but rather my entire face seems to get some color.

Anyways this has been a ridiculously long post, especially given my rant about Urban Decay's customer service so that's it for this week's beauty wish list and I'll be back with more reviews!

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