Saturday, January 21, 2012

Clinique Chubby Stick in Whole Lotta Honey

Hey everyone,
Today I'll be reviewing the ever popular Chubby Stick by Clinique in the Whole Lotta Honey shade. Now these released a while back (I'm guessing around early 2011) and I'm happy to report they are permanent additions to Clinique's lip product line. I bought mine from Sephora for CAD $19 and so far it's been my go-to lip product for a sheer but glossy wash of a very warm and flattering shade of pink. This is one of the very few shades of pink that I've enjoyed on both my lip color and skintone and that's saying a lot!
Additionally, the product claims to be a, "super-nourishing tinted lip balm." which I believe the product does deliver. If my lips are slightly dry and need some color as well, I reach for my latest Clinique love. Now if you have a lot of lines on your lips and they are severely dehydrated and peeling, then the product won't necessarily transform them into supple, baby-soft lips but for daily moisturizing it's perfect. Not only is it affordable (for a relatively high-end beauty product) but the Chubby Stick is ridiculously convenient with its twist-up mechanism that negates the need for a jumbo sharpener. The only downside to the product is the very strong "crayola" scent, which I must admit, does disappear after a few uses (perhaps because one gets habituated) but honestly that's my only complaint with the Chubby Stick. Since these do come in a variety of shades, be sure to test one out at your nearest Clinique counter and I'm sure they'll soon become a staple in your makeup bag! Check out swatches below!



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