Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

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So for the past few weeks, there's been a lot (and I really do mean a lot!) hype within the beauty community about the latest product release from Revlon, the ColorBurst Lip Butters. I've come across certain reviewers who have loved these new lip butters so much that they've purchased a number of different shades; and initially I really wasn't interested in purchasing them, not because of the product itself but rather because some of the most anticipated beauty products have been quite disappointing so I didn't really want to waste money on a product that I may not love, and particularly a lip product of which I have certain expectations. So anyways, after that initial hype had died down, and I saw that Rexall (a Canadian pharmacy/drugstore) had them on sale for $6.49 (from the usual $9.49 and it's still on sale this week), I thought I would give these new lip butters a try. I picked up the last remaining one of the shade Pink Truffle, after seeing it on Leina from MakeupbyLeinaBaaaby. On a quick side note, even though there are supposed to be 20 shades of the lip butters, it didn't appear as though my local drugstore stocked all of them. Keep reading for my thoughts on the formula and product swatches.


With regards to the product packaging, I love the alternating quilted pattern around the cap and even though it's plastic, as a whole, it doesn't feel cheap whatsoever. The actual metal bullet containing the product as well as the shape of the lip butter itself, looks exactly like the Dior Addict Lipstick, which I reviewed here, with the base, as the only difference in packaging. It's quite a slender, metal tube with a twist up mechanism. The only minor complaint I have, is that the square base, feels slightly flimsy, in that I'm afraid if I'm quite rough with it, it may crack, but honestly other than that one concern, I absolutely adore the packaging!

When I bought it, I thought this was going to just be a tinted lip balm, but after swatching it on my arm, the Pink Truffle shade is quite pigmented, and felt more like a moisturizing lipstick. Now do keep in mind, that my thoughts about the formula itself, hold true only for the Pink Truffle shade, since that's the only one I own and have been able to test out. Also, the product does live up to its claim of moisturizing and hydrating lips; this is what I was expecting out of my Dior Addict lipstick, but the Revlon Lip Butter outperformed it for a fraction of the cost. On a quick side note, I'm not the type of person, who would intentionally try and find a cheaper dupe of a really expensive, high-end product and I'm not judging those who do, but I ended up finding a cheaper product that made the same "moisturizing" claim, the more expensive one did, without necessarily looking for a cheaper option with which to compare and consequently replace the higher-end product.

The lip butter felt nice on my lips and kept them quite moisturized, and it showed up as a beautiful rosey, pink with a hint of brown color on my naturally pigmented lips. The formula neither felt too waxy nor too "buttery" on my lips but still managed to hydrate them. I would definitely recommend exfoliating your lips if your planning to wear it out as a neutral lip, because if you keep applying layer upon layer, I found that it does sit in fine lines and may accentuate some flakiness. With regards to coloring, and working on different skin tones, I think on someone with pale lips and coloring, it would be quite a sophisticated color, without being too bold. And obviously, the product would definitely work on people with deeper skin tones as a beautiful neutral pink lip. I'm really glad I picked out this particular color because not only is it my perfect neutral lip color, but it isn't frosty whatsoever.

Overall, I really did love the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Pink Truffle and would definitely recommend it to someone interested in a pigmented, moisturizing lip color; it truly did live up to the hype, and I will definitely be repurchasing. Be sure to check out the different shades at your nearest drugstore and let me know what your favourite color was in the comments below. Scroll down for swatches!

Left: Heavy swatch, Right: Blended out
Left: Heavy swatch, Right: Blended out
Top: Heavy swatch, Bottom: Blended out

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