Thursday, January 30, 2014

Burt's Bees Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm Review

Hello everyone,

After purchasing a few rosey-nude(ish) lip colors and adding numerous others to my Sephora Loves list, I've come to the realization that sheer colors tend to work best for my lip texture. So armed with this knowledge, I decided to try out the Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm, which is described as, "a hint of color that cares for your lips" and 100% natural. I purchased the shade Hibiscus at my local Rexall drugstore for CAD$4.99 (the regular price is $7.99, but there was some promotion on that day).

The first thing to note is that the lip balm is found inside a twist-off tube cardboard package, which I think is unnecessary and wasteful since the actual product is already sealed with a sticker for hygiene purposes. The product has quite a fruity and waxy scent and taste.With regards to application, it felt smooth and slightly waxy, with the latter being appreciated since I think it helped seal in moisture. I don't think this product will truly treat and heal my lips, but is very comfortable to wear, temporarily hydrates my lips and doesn't further dry out the skin. In terms of longevity, the color stays on for about 2 hours before fading noticeably, but my lips continued to feel soft and hydrated. Also, the pigment and shine don't last throughout a meal.


When I swatched it on my arm, the color was a sheer orangey-peach shade that had quite a bit of shine. After applying it to my naturally pigmented pink lips, the color appeared as a warm toned slightly darker peach shade, fading to a medium toned peachy-pink coral-like shade towards the end of wear time. Having never owned a peach toned lip color before, I was pleasantly surprised as to how pretty the shade was.
The only downside to the product is that the first time I applied it, the pigment grabbed onto the dry flakes around the perimeter of my lips, which I'll be completely honest isn't unique to the Burt's Bees lip balm, but rather occurs with any and every translucent lipstick that is close to my natural lip shade.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and will definitely pick up a few other shades the next time they're on sale. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a sheer lip color that hydrates, contains natural ingredients and is widely available in drugstores.

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