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The Body Shop Lychee Lip Gloss Review

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About two months ago, I picked up some essentials from The Body Shop when they were having their buy 2 get 1 free store-wide specials. I typically don't wear lip gloss since I can't stand any sort of stickiness, a texture which I typically associate with glosses. But after seeing the pretty colors, I decided to pick up the Lychee shade. This range of glosses has 13 fruit-based scents/flavors, including both cream and shimmer finishes and retail for CAD $10 each. Lychee in particular, is a cream-finish and a very pretty warm pink shade.

As you will see in the swatches below, true to The Body Shop's product description, it applies as a sheer pink shade, with a high gloss finish and low pigmentation. The color in the tube is quite pigmented but upon application, even if the product is built up, it sheers out to a very slight pink tint. The depth of the shade is lost when applied onto the skin, unless you squeeze out a very thick layer without blending it into the lips, as shown in the heavier swatch below. On my naturally pigmented lips, I don't see much of the pink color but rather more of a subtle glossy tint. The packaging is a no-fuss plastic squeeze tube which lends itself to hygienic application. The slant-tip applicator allows for a smooth application and is generally mess-free; its also quite easy to clean and sanitize.

In terms of texture, this is very light, completely non-sticky and hydrating, all of which are qualities I look for in a lip gloss. Furthermore, it's important to note that when I swatched the product on my wrist, within a few minutes the product started to almost melt and I think that's mostly due to the high oil content. This lip gloss contains 5 different oils, which lend themselves to the very smooth application and help hydrate the lips. Despite the product melting on my arm, it doesn't bleed or migrate when on the lips.

With regards to lasting power, the gloss had about a 2 to 3 hour wear time, with the shine fading gradually from a high gloss finish to a subtle sheen towards the end. It fades considerably after eating. One last thing I'd like to note is the scent/flavor. The product does contain "aroma/flavor (flavour)" so the Lychee gloss does have a very strong lychee scent, which fades slightly with continued wear, but doesn't have any discernible taste. I don't mind it, except I do feel incredibly thirsty once I apply the product, particularly for fruit juices, haha!

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this gloss to anyone looking for a sheer moisturizing tint and doesn't mind a strong scent. This is one of my favourite Body Shop products and I'm hoping to add a few more shades to my collection, over the summer! If you're planning to try out more than one shade, be sure to look out for TBS' sales and specials such as 40% off or buy 2 get 1 free etc.

The Body Shop Lychee lip gloss
The Body Shop Lychee lip gloss
The Body Shop Lychee lip gloss ingredient list
The Body Shop Lychee lip gloss swatch in daylight
The Body Shop Lychee lip gloss swatch under flash
The Body Shop Lychee lip gloss swatch under flash

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